Save Your Seat Now And
Get Your ‘Shift’ Together!

Starting September 6, 2016

Wake Up and Get Your Shift Together

The Great Awakening or The Shift is definitely happening as Universal consciousness continues to expand.  Can you feel it?

Each of our speakers bring their own genius in a language that can be easily understood, while sharing simple tools and insights they have picked up as a result of their own ‘shift’. You will learn ways to:

  • Trust your inner wisdom so you can navigate the endless mind field of ‘shift’ with more grace and ease
  • Feel into your personal power in order to create a more empowered YOU!
  • Recognize  whether the ‘shift’ showing up is yours or someone elses
  • Embody new perspectives in order to create a new reality
  • And, so much more….

Get Your Shift Together Speaker Series!

Energy Management for the *F* Generation: The Frustrated, Fatigued and Freaked Out Freedom Seekers


You have joined a rapidly growing community of people who are ready to take their Journey of Awakening to a whole new level; those who are tired of not living the life they truly desire, despite their best efforts.

As the Great Awakening or Universal Shift continues to bring expanded consciousness, we still have to live and work in a world where many are still asleep and struggling.  As we begin to wake up to new ways of living, we begin by reading the books, going to the workshops and listening to the gurus gone before us, learning real and beautiful concepts such as:

  • We create our reality
  • There is only one of us here
  • Love is the answer
  • What we think about, we bring about
  • Come from the heart
  • Just breathe
  • It’s all energy

Yet, as we work hard to implement all we have learned, the boss continues to yell, the bills still pile up, the spouse or family member thinks we’ve lost our mind, friends begin to drift away, we receive a difficult health report, or a myriad of other ways ‘shift’ shows up in our life.  What the heck, right?!

You are in the right place!  Here are a few things you will get from this series:

  • Interviews with dozens of amazing individuals sharing experiences when their “Shift’ hit the fan and how they finally got their ‘shift’ together
  • Practical, actionable tips and tools to manage and embody the energies of mind/body/soul/spirit for a life a greater joy, vitality and abundance
  • Community of others just like you who have had big ‘shift’ happen only to become stronger, more compassionate of self and others, or to truly find their purpose for being here at this time.
  • Access to fabulous free gifts from each of our speakers that will support you in managing your daily ‘shift’.


Here is what you are about to experience:

  • Fun and insightful interviews. Each interview is approximately 30 minutes and available for 24 hours, making it easy for you to tune in at a convenient time for you
  • Real conversations. Real people sharing real stories
  • Thought leaders and experts:The speakers in this series have best-selling books, are founders of leadership and mindfulness institutes, and have spoken on TED stages and in front of international conferences.
  • Encore presentations: Each week’s interviews will be available for replay on the weekends, for you to go back and re-listen to your favorites


How to Watch the Interviews

You will receive an email direct to your inbox each morning with access links to two interviews each day along with notifications for the encore presentations.

I have had so much fun putting this series together and am so excited to share it with YOU!

In Great JOY, Martha

P.S. If you have any questions, please reach out to We’re happy to help.

P.P.S. We’re all in this ‘Shift’ together so anyone and everyone is welcome to join! So, please share the link with your friends and family members so the next time you get together, you can talk some ‘shift’ with them.