Live Awake….Have Fun!

The Great Awakening or The Shift is definitely happening as Universal consciousness continues to expand.
Can you feel it?

By Divine design, our physical/emotional/energy bodies are 100% connected to this crazy Shift in one way or another…sometimes very contracted, while other times quite expanded….lovingly and simply referred to as life’s ‘Ewwws and Ahhhs’!

When first waking up to the fact that we are energetic/spiritual beings having a human experience, learning to manage the energy around the various Shifts can be confusing and difficult.  Our first attempt to Get our Shift Together is usually to read the books, go to the workshops, listen to the gurus and implement the tools in hopes of finding truth while creating health, happiness and success in our lives. We learn to tackle Shift from our mind by shifting our thoughts and beliefs. And that works….right up until it doesn’t, eventually leading to great frustration, excessive fatigue and/or general freaked-outness.

Great news! While life Shift is constant, managing the energy around it can be quite simple and fun once you know how.  Chances are, you are already doing it by default (or design) …just imagine the powerful impact when you actually learn to manage the energy of mind/body/spirit intentionally…by choice.

Embodying Your BEST Life…By Design!

Waking up and recognizing that as a steward to the vessel (body) that gets to carry our spirit around all day, we begin to realize that we are the only one who gets to choose how to live in it…not our parents, friends, teachers/preachers, society or even the electoral college! By learning to interpret the messages our body shares with us…aka ‘symptoms’, we can begin to move the energy of our thoughts, words and deeds in ways that are supportive rather than destructive. So, why not set the goal to choose to live awake and have fun just as often as possible! And, YES, it is possible….we are actually designed for it!

As an electromagnetic conduit of light and love, energy flows through us out to serve others and down to mother earth. The life that we are intended to live is one of joy, vibrancy, prosperity and ease, despite what our culture, family and friends say. Matter of fact, the more convicted we are with this idea, the more it seems that we are continuously being led astray, making us believe that life should be full of of lack, fear, guilt and general upset. Have you noticed? Are you ready to do things differently?

Ahhh….the Gift of Struggle!

Most coaches and healers have discovered and are sharing their personal gifts from a very humble and vulnerable place of ‘been there, done that’ and a strong desire to support others on a similar path. We wouldn’t feel as if we were an ‘expert in our specific area of expertise’ if we couldn’t speak from our own struggles and sufferings.  Since we are all vibrational beings and energetically no different from one another, we can feel reassured as we relate and empathize with the world around us, that we are never alone.  It is from our own authentic growth and evolution that feeds our enthusiastic desire to be in service for those who are tired of the struggle and suffering and are waking up to the idea that life just shouldn’t be so hard to live in. Check in and see how that idea resonates with YOU!

Ignite the Magic Within!

As an Embodiment Coach for Awakened Shiftheads, my particular area of knowingness is that we are Divine and Magnificent beings designed to have a magnificent life, by choice…if we only knew how to ignite it. It is my great desire to show you how and to provide you all the necessary support through the process of discovering your magnificence one spark at a time. Once we are there, then the real fun can begin as you learn to navigate the rest of your life from a completely new awareness with curiosity and imagination of discovering what is just over the next horizon.

It’s So Simple…

Just not always easy….until, of course it is. That is the moment you shift your perspective on what it means to live life on purpose….by design. Up until now we were never taught that life is supposed to be fulfilling, abundant and fun but that is about to change. I believe it is my purpose to bring this new perspective to all who are open and ready to receive healing and abundance, to those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and to those who are ready to get out of their own way and create a magnificent life….by design. If that is you, then let’s talk. It would bring me great joy to hear the ‘ah ha’ in your voice when your ‘shift happens’. Just click on the box below to sign up for a complementary 30 minute call with me and let’s chat about what it would feel like to Create Your BEST Life…By Design.

I'm Ready To Get My Shift Together!

In the meantime, snoop around this site with curiosity and imagination on what it means to

Live Awake…Have Fun!